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We are a shooting family and have turned our enjoyment of teaching others to shoot into more than a hobby. Over the last 10 years we taught our friends and now we'd like to teach you.  Many of the people we have trained never fired a handgun before, but learned to handle them safely and shoot them accurately.  More and more folks ask about conceal and carry, so we are offering Colorado Conceal and Carry certification so that you can apply to get your license from your local Sheriff.  Our certification is good anywhere in the State of Colorado and traveling to do a class at your location is an option. 


Over half of our graduates are ladies, so don't let anyone tell you shooting is a guy thing.


Handguns are expensive so you don't want to buy one only to find out it isn't really something you like. You are welcome to try shooting ours so you can have a better idea of what you want to invest in for your own firearm.  Please let us teach you about the mistakes we made so you don't have to waste money and have a drawer full of holsters you don't use, or worse, expensive firearms collecting dust.


Feel free to contact us with questions - there is no dumb question, we want you to feel comfortable coming to our class so you can shoot with confidence.

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