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Colordo Certification for Conceal and Carry Permit 

Standard fee $50 for class and $10 Range fee: $60 total

This 5 hour course teaches you what you need to know in order to get your Colorado Conceal and Carry Permit.  We will discuss safe handling, storage, transportation, concealment techniques including trying different holsters, as well as learn about Lethal Force law and where you can and can't carry. Cleaning and care for your firearm is also part of the course. Once you have demonstrated you understand the laws, we will issue you the paperwork you take to your local Sherriff to apply for your permit.  (The Sherriff also charges a fee)

We also will spend some time at the firing range - you can use our guns - so you have hands on experience.

NRA Basic Pistol Phase 2 class

Standard fee $75 

This 5 hour course completes the second part of the Basic Pistol course.  You will receive an NRA certificate of completion and if you choose to extend the time a couple hours, we will cover the conceal and carry information you need so you can apply for your permit. The cost remains the same, but the course will last about 7 hours if you want both certifications. 

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