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Items to bring for your CCW course  (Colorado)

We will have about a 5 hour class indoors.  Please wear clothes you can relax and sit in.  Snacks are fine and we provide some.  Contact us for the location of the course.  In general be ready for a relaxed fun atmosphere of questions, discussion and training time.  

A handgun you would like to shoot for qualification

You do not need to qualify with the gun you will carry and if you don't have a gun yet - DON"T GO BUY ONE yet!  You can use one of mine to qualify and try some of my different options before you invest in a gun.  There is a trade off with a small double action pocket pistol or a full size, so let's discuss so you can buy wisely the first time.  (If you pay for the ammo, you are welcome to shoot any of my guns)


At least 40 rounds for the gun you plan to use


We will shoot 20 practice rounds and then 20 rounds of record.  15 of the recorded rounds must hit the black part of the target - pretty large area to aim at from 21 feet away. (7 yards)


Comfortable clothes for sitting during 4 hours of class (5 hours total including range time)


Most of the day we'll be sitting, discussing what is on the screen in front of us.  We take 10 minute breaks almost every hour, so it isn't a marathon session, but relaxed clothes please, no need to dress to impress. You will also be trying on different types of holsters, so dressing in layers is a good idea, or perhaps clothing you may wear to conceal at work, or out and about. We'll be doing hands on stuff so you can try options.


Hearing protection and Eye protection


Lots of shooters prefer their own type of hearing protection so feel free to bring your own.  I can provide hearing protection for you if you prefer at no cost.  We have the soft ear plugs and earmuff type also.  The earmuffs will fit over a baseball style cap, but not a cowboy hat - so keep that in mind.  Eye protection should be sturdy glasses.  If you wear glasses that should be fine unless they are thin framed or you want to protect them.  I have some safety glasses you are welcome to wear if you prefer.


Lunch and snacks


Contact us to discuss where the class will be held and food arrangements.

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